Diseases that Harm Require Therapies that Harm Less

---Sir William Osler(1849-1919)
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Newsletter 2020Q2
Newsletter 2020 Q2
About Us 国际微无创医学会简介
The International Society of Minimally Invasive and Virtual Surgery (ISMIVS, previously known as International Society of Minimally Invasive and Noninvasive Medicine) was founded in July 2013 at the gala of the 1st Yangtze International Summit of Minimally Invasive and Noninvasive Medicine in Chongqing, China. ISMIVS envisions to accelerating progress in minimally invasive and noninvasive medicine by promoting research, education, communication, and international collaboration.
Big Data 大数据发布
Data source: National Engineering Research Center of Ultrasound Medicine of China
As of December, 2019, the accumulative number of cases of US-guided Focused Ultrasound Ablation Surgery (FUAS) has reached 151,975 across the globe, including 137,766 benign cases and 14,209 malignant cases.
News 新闻
APAGE - ISMIVS HIFU (AIH) Webinar 2020
To foster academic exchanges in the new field of minimally invasive and noninvasive surgeries, the Asia-Pacific Association for Gynecologic Endoscopy and Minimally Invasive Therapy (APAGE) and the International Society of Minimally Invasive and Virtual Surgery (ISMIVS) have been co-organizing an APAGE - ISMIVS HIFU (AIH) Webinar Series, which consists of 4 episodes starting from June 11, 2020 to July 23, 2020.
Chaired by Prof. LEE Keen Whye (Singapore), a Founding Member of APAGE, this Webinar features renowned OBGYNs in the Asia-Pacific region on their views of the management of uterine fibroids and adenomyosis as well as HIFU experts on their ideas of HIFU treatment.
The first two episodes were successfully held in June and here are the links for your playback:
Episode 1第一场: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJlm-HFzqMI or http://live.99zigong.com/Html/video/775.html
Episode 2第二场: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMhxXxCWRrw or http://live.99zigong.com/Html/video/787.html

And the next two episodes will kick off on July 9 and July 23 respectively. Please join us and register by clicking the following two links:
HIFU and FIBROID Part 3 | APAGE – ISMIVS HIFU (AIH) 2020 Webinar
HIFU – Spotlight on Adenomyosis & Infertility | APAGE – ISMIVS HIFU (AIH) 2020 Webinar
2020 HIFU Workshop-Bulgaria Postponed
As the whole world is deeply affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing and safety measures have become priority for all nations. The Third International Training Workshop on Focused Ultrasound Therapy for Tumors (2020 HIFU Training Workshop-Bulgaria), which was scheduled on 10-24 Oct., 2020, will be postponed for further notice. For more updates about the 2020 HIFU Workshop-Bulgaria, please contact joanzhu@isminim.org.
2020年,新冠病毒席卷全球,颠覆了人们的生活方式。各国都把社交隔离和安全措施放在首位,因此,原定于2020年10月10日至24日由中国科技部国际合作司主办的第三届聚焦超声肿瘤治疗技术国际培训班将推迟举办。欲了解培训班延期情况,请联系保加利亚HIFU培训班秘书处 joanzhu@isminim.org。
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HIFU Training Center Reopened!
On May 11, 2020, the HIFU Training Center of National Engineering Research Center of Ultrasound Medicine (NERCUM) was reopened about four months after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Now, doctors from different cities in China can come to NERCUM and receive HIFU training including hands-on courses, although some of them still wear masks as a precaution. The one-month course is shortened to one-week as the Center has just been back to normal. The broadcasting of live FUS surgeries and the simulation software enable the trainees to “perform” FUS surgery on virtual patient and dummy and have a better understanding of the clinical practice, even if they cannot enter into the HIFU therapy room to observe the operation for the time being.
To date, 49 doctors have been trained since the pandemic in 2020 and 368 doctors from 21 countries and regions in 2019. 自2020年新冠病毒疫情爆发以来,聚焦超声外科培训基地已培训49名医生;2019年,共有来自21个国家与地区的368名医生接受了高强度聚焦超声消融培训。
Tech Update 微无创技术新进展
Tech Update: Single Port Robot-Assisted Laparoscopic Gynecologic Surgery
A recent preliminary review of 31 procedures performed with the Da Vinci Single Port (SPTM) System for gynecologic surgery at a single institution in Seoul, South Korea shows feasibility and safety for various benign gynecologic procedures. The series includes hysterectomy, myomectomy, sacrocolpopexy and adnexal surgeries.
In terms of operative outcomes, the mean docking time, operating time, estimated blood loss, and hospitalization time were 2.2 ± 2.1 min, 126.3 ± 61.6 min, 93.9 ± 76.9 mL, and 4.6 ± 0.7 days. There was no laparoconversion or major complication.
Additional studies are needed to ensure safety, efficacy and feasibility across procedures and pathologies. Randomized trials and long-term follow-up data are required to evaluate outcomes.
Laparoendoscopic Single-site Radical Hysterectomy with Vaginal Closure and Without Uterine Manipulator for FIGO IB1 Cervical Cancer
结合阴道封闭术、不使用举宫器,单孔腹腔镜下行根治性子宫切除术治疗FIGO IB1期宫颈癌
A latest prospective clinical study demonstrated that LESS (laparoendoscopic single-site)-RH (radical hysterectomy) with vaginal closure and without manipulator was feasible and safe presented by a technical surgery video.
通过一段技术手术视频展示,一项最新的前瞻性临床研究表明,结合阴道封闭术且不使用举宫器,单孔腹腔镜(LESS)下行根治性子宫切除术(RH)治疗FIGO IB1期宫颈癌是可行、安全的。
Recurrent Pancreatic Cancer Patient Treated by Chemotherapy and Focused Ultrasound Surgery.
A Case Report
This study presents a case of recurrent pancreatic cancer diagnosed by computer tomography (CT) and positron emission tomography (PET), 7 months after Whipple radical surgery in a 61-year-old female patient. The patient was successfully treated by focused ultrasound surgery (FUS) by innovative high intensity focused ultrasound device. The patient had no complications. Multiple cycles of chemotherapy were done. Twelve months after FUS the new PET-CT showed no evidence of metabolite active zone in the area of ablation and no progression of disease. The presented case is unique according to the literature as a local recurrence after radical surgery for pancreatic cancer, successfully managed by local FUS ablation and adjuvant chemotherapy.
International Guidelines on HIFU in OBGYN 国际妇科领域与HIFU相关的临床指南
HIFU included into the 2008 ACOG Practice Bulletin for Leiomyomas
In August, 2008, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) published the Practice Bulletin Number 96: Alternatives to Hysterectomy in the Management of Leiomyomas, introducing Magnetic Resonance Imaging-Guided Focused Ultrasound Surgery (MRIgFUS).
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HIFU included into the 2015 SOGC Clinical Practice Guideline for Uterine Leiomyomas
In February 2015, the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC) published SOGC Clinical Practice Guideline on the Management of Uterine Leiomyomas, introducing newer focused energy delivery methods, such as MR-guided focused ultrasound (MRg-FUS) or high frequency ultrasound-guided transcutaneous focused ultrasound ablation.
2015年2月,加拿大妇产科医师协会(SOGC)发布临床实践指南《子宫肌瘤的管理》,介绍了较新的聚焦能量输送方式,比如磁共振引导的聚焦超声 (MRg-FUS) 或高频超声引导的经皮聚焦超声消融。
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